Creating New Experiences + June Giveaway + Menu

Creating New Experiences + June Giveaway + Menu



There are some people in this world who really shape something special for people to experience in the community through their business. They challenge the way things are done and think outside of the box. 'Adelaide Finest Supermarkets' is a perfect example of this. 

The success of Frewville has been noticed on the world stage with the IGA Supermarket of the year Award for two years running. However it’s the ground breaking Pasadena store featuring food appreciating zones, F&B dining experience, bakery, flowerbar, oysterbar and spice bar that’s really shaking up the industry and drawing the crowds. Winner of the ‘IGA Supermarket Of The Year’ for SA and set to be awarded National and International awards in July. Spero Chapley, Director of Adelaide Finest Supermarkets shares his vision, experience and where he draws his inspiration from. 

Spero is a humble man who is always quick to credit his staff for their talent and involvement in the success of their supermarkets. He says that the guys who collect the trollies are more important than him. This is a testament to his character and the foundation of his successful, family business. 

Spero, Pasadena really is your baby. When did you start dreaming about it’s blueprint and how long did it take for that dream to come to fruition? 

"Everything that we do comes from a deep understanding and clarity about community and place. I have been really fortunate and privileged throughout my life to be immersed in a family and business environment that understands and encourages community, relationships and a world-class standard. It’s in our DNA and so I think that Pasadena is another defining representation of my family’s values and principles."

"I see it more about an opportunity and responsibility to create something truly reflective -  for all our stakeholders to be a part and proud of. Pasadena reminds us how courage to explore and inspire can create something very cool."                         


There is no other place in Adelaide where you can eat at a restaurant in a supermarket! Where did you draw your inspiration from? 

"Our F&B is fundamentally our soul on a plate and it gives us a great opportunity to showcase our vision. We are inspired by creating a place of small surprises. A culture enunciating a social atmosphere and associated social behaviours that create a sense of community, depth, layers and vibe. We have a natural and intuitive aspiration to harness creativeness, lifestyle, design, brand and service to community." 

"Creating a social setting for everyone and for every day - where people, names, sounds, smells & beauty connect you to your community. With something on, something different, something happening every day – it truly is a great privilege." 

In South Australia, we are constantly reminded to support local. Your supermarkets are known for having speciality brands and supporting local boutique produce. What are some of the ways you get behind local growers and producers? 

"At its very core we build relationships with our producers and growers through trust and respect. We are unique in the way that we collaborate and do business with our stakeholders – this is what they tell us."

"We talk about our stores being a platform, a stage to support, encourage and showcase local products, brands and producers. We realise to create the ‘greatest show’ for our stakeholders that we need to get close and recognise the passion and distinctiveness that radiates from all these amazing local businesses. We make it a strong focus to visit them at their premises and farms. To kick the dirt with them and thus sharing, exchanging  stories and knowledge."

"We invite our growers and producers into our stores and participate in our daily in-store food appreciation events. Where we create an opportunity to be a conduit between our clients and producers and create a real market vibe."  

Customer service is important to you. What lengths do you go to to ensure your customers receive an experience that is unparalleled with any other supermarket? 

"Our customers are the most important stakeholder in our business. What we do is not as significant as to why we do it. We want to create a civic place where everything we do has a positive and lasting effect on our communities’ well-being and economy. Therefore we go to extraordinary lengths to delight our customers."

"We know that your team are the greatest strength in any business. Our team feel valued, trusted and empowered. The feedback we receive from our customers is a common thread that they in turn feel valued and a part of our community. Our customers see our stores as theirs and often refer to ‘it’s my shop’ -  a rich reflection that is deeper and more personal than just your regular supermarket shopping visit."

A question I am asking everyone of late... You’re a busy working Dad of two children, what’s your advice for work / life / kids balance? 

"As a rule, I don’t give out advice about life and balance. I think its more powerful and significant for each of us to discover it through learning and experiencing what is most important, and what is not."

"My kids are most important to me and my priority above everything. They inspire me every day to see every moment as an opportunity to be better than the last. My balance is centred by allocating my time, energy and focus to the things that bring me joy and growth."   

I fair to say, we are so lucky to have these gorgeous stores in our state and I am absolutely delighted to share a piece of the Pasadena experience with you. Our June prize for one lucky 'Weekly Value Bundle' subscriber will be from Adelaide's Finest Supermarkets, including Mr Nick’s special coffee beans, valued at $100. Winner announced 16th June. 

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. We have lots of warming dishes on the menu. Perfect for the cold week ahead. 

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to make dinner time easier for you. 

Best wishes,

Victoria x



This Week's Menu

Shepherd's Pie with Green Beans

Satay Chicken with Rice & Beans

Roast Lamb with Roasted Vegetables

Beef Cotoletta with Creamy Mash, Beans & Peas

Penne Bolognese

Next Week's Menu

Tortellini Alla Pana

Chicken Filo Parcel with Mixed Vegetables

Roast Pork with Roast Vegetables

Beef Moussaka with Blanched Vegetables

Goulash with Creamy Mash

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