Our Story

There's a lot of heart in what we do.

We have a talented team who are really passionate about helping people. Great care is taken from start to finish, from cooking your meal to gently placing it in it's container to be sent home to you. We want it to be perfect for you.

Our Chefs are incredible and while our meals are restaurant quality, they taste like they are home cooked, something someone who loves you would make you. That's pretty special.

Our mission has always been to provide as many people as possible with nutritious, wholesome, nurturing meals. That's why we are incredibly proud that we are a registered NDIS provider and through select services in SA we are able to help Home Care package clients as well, making 'eating well' accessible to everyone. 

We also feel incredibly lucky to offer meals made with premium local South Australian produce. After all, the best produce is right on our doorstep. We love to cook with free-range chicken & eggs, grass-fed beef, Australian fish and the freshest vegetables and herbs. We never compromise on quality as we don't want to serve you anything we wouldn't want to serve our own families. Quality is so important and is the foundation of The Family Cook.

We want to thank you for allowing us to cook for you, your family and loved ones. We promise to continue to care, to continue to take great pride in what we do and share the best ready-to-eat meals South Australia has to offer.

Best wishes,

Victoria Braithwaite 

Victoria Braithwaite is the creator of The Family Cook, a local Adelaide mother of two who understands the demands that meet busy families.