Rebecca Morse shares her wisdom on balancing work, life and kids + Menu

Rebecca Morse shares her wisdom on balancing work, life and kids + Menu

This is a topic that comes up time and time again, particularly for women. The bar is set high and is always changing. We are told we can have it all; work, a social life, family and being an involved parent, but what does that actually look like in real life? Each role seems to take up more hours than there are available in one day. So how does one 'have it all'? Over the next two weeks in the lead up to Mothers Day, I have the pleasure of sharing two successful, busy, working mums, to see just how they do it all. 

This week I will share with you Rebecca Morse's wisdom. Not only is Rebecca a Journalist, Channel 10 News reader and hit107 Breakfast Radio Presenter on 'Bec and Cosi' , she is also an inspiration mum to three beautiful young women. 

What’s your favourite thing about being a mother?

"Watching the little people you created develop their own personalities and qualities. And the unconditional love and cuddles."

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the modern day Mum today?

"Navigating social media. Both as a mother with the risk of comparing yourself to others (which I have learned not to do) and managing your children’s screen time and exposure to issues like body image."

What are your tips for juggling work, life and kids?

"I’m yet to perfect the juggle! My husband is doing a wonderful job of the morning school run at the moment and we are lucky to have a network of friends and family we can call on to help when we get stuck. Since I’ve been working both ends of the day I’ve taken on a fairy godmother to help with the housework once a week which makes me a less grumpy wife and mother! I try to keep weekends as free as possible. And I don’t subscribe to mother guilt. You can only do what you can do."

What’s one thing you take time to do for yourself each week?

"Exercise! My Saturday morning ritual is F45 at Henley Beach followed by coffee with the team. If it’s been a particularly tough week it’s a Bloody Mary."

For me, balancing work, life and kids is about delegation and asking for help. Two things that I am absolutely shocking at implementing. Somewhere deep inside of me I truly believe that I should be able to do it all but all I get from that is a solid burn-out. I am lucky to have a responsive husband who balances out the demands with the kids. I do believe it is important to take time out to do something big or small for yourself and your health (every day, ideally). But sometimes, being a mum is just too busy and tiring to even organise this for yourself. 

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Best wishes,

Victoria x

Victoria Braithwaite




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