Comfort Food + Menu

Comfort Food + Menu

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It would appear everywhere I turn, someone is sick. So here are some foodie tips to help keep the sniffles at bay.

Slice ginger and pop it in hot water to drink. It's incredible soothing and a lovely alternative to the lemon and honey cup of tea. Ginger can be surprisingly sweet so it really doesn't need anything added as a sweetener. 

Get a loved one to make you some comforting chicken soup. It is good for the soul! If you can't get someone to cook it for you, here's my family's chicken soup recipe. 


1 x whole free range chicken (the bones will help to give the stock flavour)

4 x brown onions sliced

3 cups diced celery 

1 x sliced leek 

4 x carrots

5 x garlic heads

1 inch ginger diced 

2 tbs olive oil

+ any vegetables in the fridge you want to use up. Some spinach is always nice.

Whatever herbs you have in the garden; thyme, Italian parsley and a little rosemary.

Rinse your chicken and place your whole chicken in a pot with 2L of cold water with your onion and half of the carrots and half of your celery. Simmer for approximately an hour and a half. Once the meat starts pulling away from the bone, your chicken stock is ready. Remove from heat. Remove your chicken and pull the meat off the bone. Set 4 cups of chicken meat aside. Drain the stock and keep that to one side for the soup.

In a separate pot, place your leeks, celery, carrot, ginger and garlic in olive oil and cook until translucent. Then add your chicken and stock. Gently simmer and add salt, pepper and your herbs. 

Practice your 'intuitive cooking' ... don't worry too much about getting the quantities right, use up what vegetables you have in your fridge. Want to throw in some broccoli? Go for it! There is no wrong when you're making soup. 

Snuggle up on the couch with a throw rug and enjoy this comforting soup. 

Keep warm and enjoy the week ahead. 

Victoria x


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