Food safety myth debunked.

Food safety myth debunked.

Food Safety Myth Debunked.

Have you ever been to your local fundraiser and bought a snag for the kids? The person who is handling your bread and sausage is wearing gloves so this fills you with a certain amount of confidence in their food safety... but then, they also take your money with that same gloved hand that was just handing the food! You wonder 'What's the point of wearing the glove?' Seems to defeat the purpose, don't you think? Well it is now seen as safer practice to not wear gloves while handling food. Wearing gloves can give the operator a false sense of proper hygiene. If you don't wear gloves, you know you have to be really conscientious with your food safety. In the kitchen we generally don't wear gloves and we have VERY strict hygiene standards. To name a few rules; we wear hair nets, surfaces are sanitised, nails are cut short and no polish or jewellery is worn. We wash our hands like a surgeon! In a commercial kitchen, we have a separate hand washing station so we don't wash our hands in the dish washing sink. The one thing I think is most important to remember is that any time we touch our face, or pick something off the ground etc we wash our hands thoroughly again. So next time you see someone preparing your food and wonder why they are not wearing gloves, you now know why!  

New month, new giveaways...

This month one of our 'Weekly Value Bundle' subscribers will win $100 gift box full of hand selected local produce! I can't wait to share this with you. 

We will also be giving one lucky newsletter subscriber a $50 gift card. Delicious! 

Winner will be announced on the 18th August. 

Gift Cards

We have been asked a lot lately if we do Gift Cards... the answer is "we most certainly do"! The great thing about a gift card is that your recipient can receive a practical gift that they can use when it suits them best. We get asked a lot for people who have had a baby or for families who are going through hardship or illness. It is such a helpful and practical gift at a difficult time. Our Gift Cards are electronic and can be found under our Menu bar on the Home Page of our website. Once purchased, they will be instantly emailed to you so you can forward it to your recipient.

This Week's Menu

Beef Madras

Grilled Herb Chicken with Roast Pumpkin, Beans & Feta

Shepherd's Pie with Green Beans

Chicken & Leek Pie with Creamy Mash, Beans & Peas

Orrechiette with Basil Pesto, Asparagus & Roasted Baby Tomatoes (V)

Next Week's Menu 

Lamb Stew with Creamy Mash 

Teriyaki Salmon with Rice (GF)

Tortellini Bolognese *New*

Mexican Bean Sweet Potato (V) (GF)

Chicken, Vegetable & Cashew Stir Fry *New*



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