Pippa Wanganeen Shares Motherhood + Mothers Day + Have You Checked Your Postcode? + Menu

Pippa Wanganeen Shares Motherhood + Mothers Day + Have You Checked Your Postcode? + Menu

In the lead up to Mother's Day, I wanted to share some advice from two remarkable women balancing the challenge of work, life and kids. This week, Pippa Wanganeen shares her experience as a working mother, PR extraordinaire, manager of Gavin Wanganeen Art, Step-Mother to Mia and Tex and Mother to daughters Kitty, Lulu and Posey. A woman who also stands out for her open heart and kindness towards others.

What’s your favourite thing about being a mother?

"Becoming a Mother gave my life purpose, and I love everything about motherhood. I think it’s the wisdom and patience you learn, the laughter, joy, fun and creativity of being around little people, along with the many sweet moments that happen randomly throughout the day." 

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the modern day mum today?

"Lack of time. Life is so busy for Mum’s these days. We are often juggling a huge array of responsibilities in all spheres of our lives, and it can be challenging to make time for yourself. When you do though, you shouldn’t feel guilty! Enjoy it! It makes you better at mothering when you have space to do something kind for yourself."

What are your tips for juggling work, life and kids?

"Organisation. This is the only way! And a good sense of humour always helps too!"

What’s one thing you take time to do for yourself each week?

"Yoga at Roaming Zen 🙏🏼 and a wash and blow dry with Kelly at K’s of New York."

I really identify with Pippa's observation of life being so busy that we often feel we have a real lack of time. It can be challenging to take time for ourselves. It is a common feeling amongst busy mothers. This is why this month, I am giving one lucky 'Weekly Value Bundle' subscriber $100 voucher to Temple Day Spa. Temple Day Spa is Adelaide's only 5 Star Day Spa + Skin Clinic. Drawn on Mother's Day it will be the perfect gift of restoration, time out and self care. 


Have you checked your postcode? 

We have recently extended our delivery area to within a 20km radius of the Adelaide CBD. If you have been waiting for us to deliver to your area or know someone else waiting for us to cook for them, please jump on the website to check if we can now deliver to you! 

Mother's Day Gifts'

Giving Mum some time away from the kitchen cooking can be the most wonderful gift! It is a daily chore for so many. If you would like to organise a thoughtful gift card for Mum this Mother's Day, you can order it online and have it instantly emailed to you. 

If there is anything I can help you with, please don't hesitate to contact me. I hope you have a fabulous week ahead! 

Best wishes,

Victoria x 


This Week's Menu

Chicken Kiev with Roasted Baby Potatoes, Carrots & Peas

Beef Bourguignon with Creamy Mash & Greens

Beef Lasagne with Mixed Vegetables

Honey & Soy Drumsticks with Fried Rice

Pumpkin, Lentil & Spinach Curry (V)

Next Week's Menu

Oven Baked Chicken Parmigiana with Roasted Potato, Peas & Carrots (GF)

Gourmet "Bangers & Mash" (GF)

Beef Masaman Curry with Rice (GF)

Penne Amatriciana

Mexican Bean Sweet Potato (V) (GF)


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