Easter Long Weekend | Changes to delivery days

Easter Long Weekend | Changes to delivery days

Hi there, 

Hope you are having a lovely self-isolated weekend. Keep staying safe and look after yourself. Try to take the opportunity for some self-care. Read a book you've been wanting to read, relax in your trackies and watch netflix, have a bath, connect with nature in your backyard, do some yoga. Whatever you feel will nourish you. Take the opportunity to look after yourself at this time. 

I have found the quiet time at home this weekend has been really restorative. We have had the fire on for the first time this season, and it has been glorious snuggling in front of it in my trackies. Not being able to go out, has also allowed me to get some jobs done that I have wanted to do for a while, so that is always a great feeling. 

We have been really busy cooking over the last couple of weeks and it feels like all of sudden Easter is upon us. So I just wanted to touch base and let you know that we will be closed over the Easter long weekend. 

This will affect some of your delivery days. If you're delivery day is on: 

Friday 10th April, we will deliver your meals on Thursday 9th April. 

Tuesday 14th April, we will deliver your meals on Wednesday 15th April. 

Wednesday 15th April, we will deliver your meals on Thursday 16th April. 

If you need some delicious, hassle free meals for the long weekend our freezer is stocked. So don't hesitate to jump online and add a couple of meal to your order so you don't have to worry about cooking next weekend and you can just chill. If you want to add to your order use discount code 'addtomyorder' so you don't get charged delivery twice.

As always, if there is anything we can do to help you, please let me know. 

We are holding you all in our thoughts. 

Best wishes,

Victoria x 


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