A perfect time to plan home projects...

A perfect time to plan home projects...



There's no doubt that the more time we spend at home, the more we see jobs that need to be done! From small gardening projects to large extensions, there is no better time than now to start a planning a new project. We 'virtually' sat down with Elllen Wundersitz, Managing Director of SpaceCraft Joinery, award winning kitchen designer & cabinet maker, to talk all things design & kitchens.

2019 HIA Award Winner for Kitchen Design, SpaceCraft Joinery.


When you look at the kitchens SpaceCraft Joinery create it is quickly very evident that each kitchen is so unique and as individual as their owners. It certainly doesn't feel like a 'one size fits all' cookie cut business. 

You recently had the HIA Awards... how did you go?

"We were fortunate to win all three kitchen renovation categories as well as the major award for Kitchen Design which means we go on to the National." says Ellen. 

Congratulations! It's such a testament to the work your team puts into each individual design. (For more info about the HIA Awards click here).

What sets you apart from other cabinet makers?

"We are a design-led cabinet maker, and decided several years ago to work exclusively with clients who choose to engage us from design onward. In other words we generally do not quote/make joinery designed externally. A few reasons for this... We get a better end result when we build the relationship and are involved in the design process, from scratch. When we quote/design/build joinery designed externally, invariably we need to somewhat re-design anyway because often the way the joinery is designed either doesn’t really work, or needs refinement. Being stuck in the middle between an external designer and client often results in missed opportunities, and miscommunication. Design is what we’re good at so we love designing and then making / installing what we design. Unlike most of our competitors, we charge for design because we only want to work with people who value our expertise and creativity. The design fee is deducted off the joinery quote so if a client goes ahead, the design fee acts like a deposit. Most of our competitors still design/quote for free. Sadly free design is still somewhat an expectation amongst the broader community, and this reinforces the lack of valuing the time, energy and creativity invested in the design process." Ellen explains.

Kitchens can be an expression of who you are, your family and how you like to live your best life... what are some of the things you need to consider when designing your dream kitchen?

"Think about what style or combination of styles are you drawn to. If you are not sure how to describe the style (for example Scandi/Retro) the best way to communicate this is with imagery. Create a Pinterest board or Houzz Lookbook. Here are some questions to think about to set you on the right path... " Says Ellen.

1. What are your functional non-negotiable?

2. Do you want your appliances to be integrated, do you want an oven tower, under bench or freestanding oven?

3. Do you plan to entertain large groups, or just intimate gatherings.

4. Do you want a breakfast bar/island bar - with or without seating?

5. Do you want open shelving to house your precious keepsakes?

6. Do you have lots of appliances or large pots /pans that need special consideration in terms of storage and accessibility.

7. Do you have accessibility issues/trouble bending down/height considerations?

8. Do you wish to undertake other activities in your kitchen space?  Do you need it to be multi-functional. Eg home office, work from home space, kids studying area.

9. Does your kitchen connect directly on to a dining or living area and how does that connection need to work functionally and aesthetically.

Your kitchens are often very unique... where do you source your timber and finishes? 

"We basically source product from whichever supplier is the best fit for the project, but we’re not bound to any particular companies as we love to experiment with different products and materials. Specifically with respect to timbers, we have local timber supplier whom we source the majority of our timber products from." Ellen explains.

Are there any recycled materials that you are using? 

"We are often asked to recycle timber or sometimes other products. For example we recycled a decorative flue detail (from a gas fire place) for the range hood extraction in our kitchen, which we had powder coated to match the joinery colour."

"We often salvage and reuse other smaller items, eg retro kitchen vents were salvaged then polished and reintroduced to this new kitchen to riff off the original homes vibe." explains Ellen.

Is there anything you are enjoying using in the production of your kitchens that perhaps others aren't using?

"Not sure about what others are using but we are loving curves at the moment. Curves do add cost to the manufacture process, but they add real personality and interest to a space."

To see more textures and curves visit SpaceCraft Joinery's website here  

 This kitchen was designed for and by Ellen & Nath, owners of SpaceCraft Joinery using their many years of experience. Using an environmentally friendly approach, with materials that have a minimal impact on the ecology and their health they achieved a kitchen that is light, bright, fresh, modern Australian styling.

We always think it's best to do your research and talk with someone you trust.

"Yes! Absolutely. To avoid disappointment and rushing (there’s lots of decision making involved - which can take time), don't leave the design and planning to the last minute. Realistically you’ll need at least 4 months of design planning to get to manufacture stage (just for a kitchen). This assumes no structural work is required. The construction industry is particularly flat out at the moment, so do your research early."

"Also make sure whom ever you engage, you have a good human connection with. Renovating invariably involves the unexpected occurring and you want to be sure you have a good working relationship with your builder/joiner/designer." shares Ellen.

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Appliances to suit your lifestyle

Choosing the right appliances not only needs to work well but fit in with your kitchen. Whether it is a slick minimalist look or statement pieces it is important to get them right to suit your kitchen and lifestyle.

 Beautiful induction cook tops like this Smeg induction cooktop not only revolutionise the way you cook but blend seamlessly into your kitchen bench.    

Not only do you want them to look good but have the latest technology. One of our go to places for all the latest appliances is Spartan Electrical. With over 50 years expert industry experience in Kitchen, Laundry and outdoor appliances they have a great range to suit all your needs. To check out their latest offers, click here

We hope this helps inspire your next home project! 
Best wishes,

Victoria & 
The Family Cook Team x 
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