My Story

It’s no secret that everyone is starved of time and rather than slave away in the kitchen every night you’d love to just put your feet up and spend some quality time with your family!

I want to give you back that time while making sure your family still enjoys super nutritious meals, with no hidden ingredients, but most importantly, is prepared with the same love you would give to the dish. Cooking with love to me means 'no compromises' and I think that being motivated by heart, not profits is why I’m regularly told that people love our meals!  

I love to cook with free-range chicken, free-range eggs, grass-fed beef, the freshest fruit, vegetables and herbs. I never compromise on quality as I don't want to serve you anything I wouldn't serve my family. Quality is so important to me and is the foundation of The Family Cook. It's real food.

I’m also a fiercely proud South Australian, using mostly SA produce unless absolutely necessary. I do love pasta from Italy, so I do import some ingredients! Some of our produce is so irresistible it may even break my budget, but I am happy to wear it now and then for the success of the dish. If you’ve had my Miso Grilled Fresh NT Ocean Barramundi, you'd know why!

It really is an honour to receive each and every order I cook for you. My guarantee is that I will put my heart and soul into each and every single dish.

It's for you to enjoy! 

Victoria x


Victoria Braithwaite is the creator of The Family Cook, a local Adelaide mother of two (Genevieve 10 and Henry 8), and understands the demands that meet busy families.